Why do people join Trout Unlimited and support their local chapter, like we do here at Gunnison TU?

Many anglers are very passionate about fly fishing for trout and want to help protect our rivers and streams. It’s a way of giving something back. But the initial interest in TU usually sprouts from a person’s desire to learn about fly fishing – how to fly fish, where to fish, and who to fish with. It always comes back to the fish, and the majority of the time, it starts with the fishing.


Our task and ongoing challenge as a non-profit volunteer organization, is to attract new members and engage our members in our mission and our efforts. We understand that most people will normally join our chapter for the fish and the fishing, and for the fun stuff, and then over time become involved in volunteer efforts. With that in mind, we invite you to join us. Come to a meeting, and check out one of our programs, which include fly tying clinics and slideshows on exciting fly fishing destinations.

Please contact us if you would like to get involved. We welcome all who may be interested in participating as a chapter member, board member, or chapter officer. And we can always use help with specific efforts such as youth education, conservation, and our annual Superfly fundraising event. Now there’s a fun event to be a part of! Whatever your interests, we hope you’ll join us for the fish, the fishing, the fun, and the mission. You’ll soon experience the fun of volunteering!





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