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Gunnison Angling Society

Meeting Minutes 1/9/18

Almont Resort


  • Briant Wiles
  • Bill Keterhagen
  • Taylor Paulson
  • Patrick Blackdale
  • Margie Locker
  • Seth Mensing

Topics of discussion:

  • Bridge to Bridge Fly fishing contest
    • The Gunnison River Festival is no longer sponsoring the event so if we continue the event we will be on our own for the prizes.
    • Maybe a week later to have time get organized.
    • Is there a way to connect people with a boat to folks without boats?
      • A boater/non-boater meet up board?
      • Ask for guides to donate a boat and their time and sell their slot.
    • Ask/ advertise in the Montrose area for participants
    • Raise the cost?
    • Big poster/ sign up area at the film tour.
  • Film Tour
    • Wide consent to go with F3T film again for the film tour. Cost is around $900 and we usually receive $200 from the Gunnison River Festival to help with costs.
    • Need to solicit donations.
    • Will keep track of companies contacted for the film tour and Superfly. If any member contacts a potential donor then please let Briant Wiles know so he can keep track of it.
  • Handed out questionnaire packet for the East River Watershed as part of the Watershed Management Planning.
  • Discussed the four new coordinator positions that will hopefully be filled in the Feb. meeting.
  • Discussed the outlook for 2018 events.
    • Film Tour, April 28th
    • Bridge to Bridge Fishing Contest, TBA
    • CTU Rendezvous, April 27th – 28th
    • Willow planting Gunnison River project, May TBA
    • Willow planting Tomichi Creek, May TBA
    • CTU youth Camp, June 6th – 8th
    • Gunnison River Festival, June 23rd – 24th
    • Superfly, September 8th – 9th




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