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Gunnison Angling Society

August Meeting Minutes




  • Briant Wiles
  • Bill Ketterhagen
  • Jesse Kruthaupt
  • Chris Matison
  • Duane Johnson
  • Barry Grossman
  • Normin Salvin
  • Terry


Meeting Notes:


New GAS Tshirts are done and for sale for $20. Everyone in attendance will receive a free t-shirt.


Adding Briant Wiles as the assigner to the GAS bank account.

  • Briant Wiles Makes the motion,
  • Chris Matison seconds,
  • Vote: Unanimous.


Financial News.

  • Tina Burinsky is our temporary bookkeeper.
  • Need to find a new treasurer to take over from Mike Beatty
  • There is a need to develop new financial guidelines for GAS.
  • Briant Wiles will work on developing the new guidelines.


New North Bridge River Access Area

  • We received a $5,000 check from Can’d Aid Foundation and RRAFT.
  • We could leverage some of this funding for a matching grant from NLCLCF.
    • Bill Ketterhagen makes a motion to pursue the funding opportunity,
    • Duane Johnson seconds,
    • Vote: Unanimous
  • Jesse Kruthaupt will pursue the funding opportunity


2018 Superfly

  • Debate on the pros and cons of holding the Superfly given the severe drought conditions.
  • Alternatives to the normal contest were proposed.
  • Vote to go forward with the 2018 Superfly
    • Jesse makes a motion to hold the Superfly this year.
    • Briant Wiles seconds.
    • Vote: 5 to 3 opposed
  • Holding a banquet dinner as a fundraising alternative was purposed later this fall.
  • Briant Wiles will look into the feasibility to hold such a banquet.


(Briant Wiles)


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