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Gunnison Angling Society
April Chapter Meeting


  • Maddie Renfroe
  • Briant Wiles
  • Jesse Kruthaupt
  • Bill Ketterhagen
  • Chris Matson
  • Bryan Hess
  • Ben Schloesser

Topics of discussion

  • Film Tour
    • Jesse Brought Posters for the film tour.
    • Ask Mark Day about possible more Dan’s Fly
    • Last year’s film tour raised $1,800 and is a good goal for this year.
    • All proceeds will go to the AAT program.
    • Jesse Will ask Gene Taylors for raffle prizes.
    • Ben will ask Irwin Guides for raffle prizes.
    • Briant will ask Rooted Apothecary.
    • Bryan will ask Prios for raffle prizes.
    • Briant Will ask the Gunnison River Fly Shop for raffle prizes.
    • A minimum of 5 people needed to help at film tour.
    • We will show the short UGRWCD film at the start of the film tour.
    • Jesse will follow up with Upslope to ensure the beer will be there.
    • Dan is willing to put the word out on CTU website.
  • AAT Update
    • Jesse Submitted a grant for $1,500 to support the program.
  • Superfly Update
    • Shirts, Hats, and Fleeces have been ordered and should arrive by mid-August
    • Some success in finding sponsorships and effort will continue.
  • CTU Youth Camp
    • A vote was taken and all were in favor of sponsoring Maddie Renfroe for this year’s camp.
      • Need to let Dan Omasta at CTU know that we will sponsor Maddie’s tuition.
    • We are still looking for one more student to sponsor this year.
  • Conservation Update
    • We pledged 100 hours and $3,000 for the Gunnison River Project several years ago. They may not need the funding now but we plan to do the 100 hours of volunteer time this spring.
    • On April 20th there will be a Bio-engineering workshop and Willow cutting on the Gunnison.
      • Jesse will follow up on how many people we want.
    • Bill – Greenbacks, a Front Range chapter, want to come to Gunnison for a project. We could invite them to a planting in May
    • We are still working on the plans but expect to have some willow planting in May.
    • Can’d Aid has 15 people in July for a project. (possibly the 21st) Will donate $2000 if we put them to work. Let’s put them to work!
    • Embrace a Stream – Must call Regional rep by the 15 of April to be in the running. Jesse has a proposal for the Bieble Ditch diversion structure ready to go. Bieble Ditch is on Tomichi Creek and is a good target for restoration.
    • Invisible Fence – Ask Mike to mail the conservation district a check.
    • We have been invoiced for the Gunnison River project.
      • Will send the invoice to Bill Goddard for review
    • CTU Rendezvous
      • No interest in the present group to go to the CTU Rendezvous.
    • GAS Logo
      • We discussed the logo designs that Ro Sham Bo put together and provided constructive feedback.


(Briant Wiles)


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